Power Delivery Products, Inc.

Power Delivery Products, Inc.

Power Delivery Products, Inc. is a market leader in fault detection products to the Electric Utility Industry. The company is the exclusive provider of Horstmann Faulted Circuit Indicators in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Horstmann GmbH, who is a leader in the technology, design, and production of Faulted Circuit Indicators, has been a worldwide supplier since inventing the first unit in 1945.

For utilities concerned with reducing outage time and improving customer service, Power Delivery Products can specify and provide the correct Faulted Circuit Indicator for your circuit needs. The benefits for utilities specifying Power Delivery Products Faulted Circuit Indicators include improved reliability, increased revenue, and superior customer service. You will be able to quickly measure improvements to industry indices such as CAIDI, SAIDI, MAIFI, and SAIFI.

Load Tracking technology, which was developed by Horstmann GmbH in the early 1990s, has been the cornerstone for one-size-fits all faulted circuit indicators ever since. Both underground and overhead Power Delivery Products FCIs incorporate this unique feature. In addition to providing accurate and reliable fault indicators based on circuit conditions. Both the URD Load Tracker LM and Overhead Navigator LM, reduce the number of different FCI models needed by system operators. All electronic units reset by time (typically 4 or 8 hours). A current reset option is also available. All units can be manually tested and reset with a magnet.

For utilities interested in Smart Grid solutions, Power Delivery Products offers a complete line of Smart FCIs with several communication partners.

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